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The Elbląg-based Delta company was established in 1991. Initially, it dealt with providing transport services, and then, during the period of dynamic development, it expanded it to include warehouse logistics. At that time, Delta began renting warehouse space and providing services: unloading, loading, reloading as well as clothing. Actively responding to market needs, in 2003, Delta offered customers the opportunity to rent large warehouse spaces and service them.


Since then, the company has been offering its services and leasing commercial, production and warehouse space, as well as providing logistical services and, if customers wish, effectively selling their stored goods. The company's advantage is its huge industrial halls, which are equipped with overhead cranes of various lifting capacities (from 5 to 50 tons). Delta also has forklifts in stock with a lifting capacity (from 3 to 6 tons) that can lift loads to a height of 6.5 meters.


Delta's extraordinary advantage is its 200-meter-long active port quay. The next stage of development was the acquisition of huge commercial, service and warehouse areas in 2009, thanks to which the offer was significantly expanded.

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We place great emphasis on building lasting and partnership-based relationships with our clients. Our goal is to ensure long-term cooperation based on mutual trust and business success.


We have many years of experience in the rental of production and warehouse halls, which allows us to provide services at the highest level. Our company has gained the trust of many clients thanks to our knowledge and professionalism in providing effective spatial solutions for a variety of business needs.


We treat responsibility towards our clients as a priority. Professional service, attention to the quality of our facilities and the safety of the working environment in our production and warehouse halls are the foundation of our approach to business.

DELTA Wynajem Customers

Examples of work carried out by our clients

  • storage and processing of rudder components and propellers for the Queen Mary II ship,

  • storage and processing of elements of the bridge currently located over the Babica River towards Modrzewina, leading to the Special Economic Zone - a bridge approximately 120 m long,

  • unloading, storing and loading gears weighing 130 tons to a cement plant,

  • installation of compressor systems for pumping stations with 16-cylinder natural gas engines and natural gas storage tanks for the Yamal pipeline - Yamal and Yamal 2,

  • installation of hydraulic rudders for a Norwegian shipowner,

  • unloading, storage and loading of oil presses for the production of biofuels intended for a company listed on the WSE (height approximately 10 m).


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