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Dobra Novina I

Production halls

The height of the building's interior, 10 meters to the level of the lower truss, is a significant advantage, enabling effective storage and manipulation of even the largest and heaviest loads. In the production halls of Dobra Nowina I, the available height to the crane hook reaches as much as 7.65 meters, which is an important space allowing for the handling of oversized loads and significantly increases operational efficiency.

The building is additionally equipped with an impressive fleet of 16 overhead cranes, with load capacities ranging from 20 to 72 tons. This is an important convenience that significantly improves work in warehouses and production halls, while ensuring the highest level of safety.

Fabryka Samochodów
Magazyn dystrybucyjny z wysokimi półkami

Dobra Novina I

Warehouse halls

One of the key elements of this property is the possibility of installing high-storage racks, which allows for the optimization of storage space and a significant increase in its capacity.

The floor in the building has a load-bearing capacity of 10 tons per square meter, which makes it an ideal surface for handling even the heaviest loads.

Large entrance gates with dimensions (4.5 meters x 4.5 meters and 6 meters x 6 meters) guarantee the possibility of accepting various types of delivery vehicles and trucks, including those carrying oversized loads, which significantly increases operational flexibility.

Robot magazynowy

Dobra Novina I

We offer services that will meet every requirement

Learn the most important information about the Dobra Novina I Centre and discover the potential of our facility. 


Access to your own seafront

Full work service on request 

16 overhead cranes with load capacities from 20 to 72 tons

Floor load capacity 10t/m2

Fire load density area 4000 MJ/m2

Economical radiant heating system

Distance to Gdańsk 57 km, to Warsaw 277 km

Right next to the S7 Gdańsk-Warsaw expressway

Possibility to increase the power of electricity to 5MG


2 km to the railway siding

Image by Lenny Kuhne

Odległość do Gdańska 57 km, do Warszawy 277 km

Odległość do Gdańska 57 km, do Warszawy 277 km

Zobacz zdjęcia z budowy Centrum Dobrej Noviny I 

Grow with us!

Discover the potential of your business with Dobra Novina I Centre


  • Are you looking for a modern production hall? 

  • Are you planning to run your business on a larger scale?

  • Do you want to rent a warehouse for a short or long term?

  • Are you looking for a hall with high entrance gates, overhead cranes and BREEAM certificate?

We have it all!

We are here to help you in your business. Take advantage of our experience, the potential of the warehouse service and the opportunities provided by the excellent location of Dobra Novina I Centre. 

Tenants of Dobra Novina I Centre

We focus on long-term partnerships


Who we are?

About our company

Thanks to many years of experience and a professional approach, we are a renowned logistics service provider, offering comprehensive solutions for effective supply chain management.


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DELTA offer

We offer warehouse space for rent and comprehensive storage services, including unloading, loading and confectioning.

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